Katy TX

Meet the Director

Alexis Carrico welcomes you to our chapter web site!

As a homeschool mom, for the past 8 years, I have seen classical education work in my children. There are 3 wonderful children in our family ages 16, 13, and 8. Our 16 year old and 8 year old have dyslexia, and my 13 year old is amazingly talented at school and art. The classical method has let my children with dyslexia learn at their own pace and it has taught my talented one to want to learn more.  My experience with classical education has proven to me it is a wonderful way to homeschool children. I now want to bring a Catholic version of classical education to the Catholics families of Katy and the surrounding areas of Houston.

Personally I have a degree in Secondary Education and American history. Using my degree I taught American AP history at a Catholic high school outside New Orleans. Then when we started homeschooling I moved onto teach English grammar to 5th and 6th grade homeschool students. Recently I created an intro to Latin course that I teach to locally homeschool students as well.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you and educating not only your children, but you and your spouse on how to make amazing memories while homeschooling.